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Why Start A Travel Blog When There Are Already So Many?: An Introduction


Why start a travel blog?

I’m starting this travel blog because of the many of the travel blogs I’ve came across, few cover topics that interest me and even less speaks in a voice I can relate to. With 26 countries now visited, I finally feel experienced enough to start this new venture.

What’s to come…

The inspiration for my topic selections comes down to two things:

  • Answer the questions I’ve wanted to ask in the past that I was previously unable to answer due to lack of knowledge

  • Answer the questions I wish I had thought to ask earlier in life

I aim for all of my posts to come from an anecdotal perspective.

What do you think?

While I have brainstormed a list of things that I feel would be beneficial to answer, I’ve created this blog to help others learn from my experiences and mistakes. Please don’t hesitate to drop a suggestion in the comment section or send an email (link) with the subject title “Blog Recommendation” if there is any topic you think I might be able to cover wells