Stephen Curry Lights Up the SF Pro Am Basketball - Photos

Stephen Curry (of the Golden State Warriors) SF Pro Am Basketball Photos

Stephen Curry Lights Up SF Pro Am for 43 pts.

Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco


It all started on Twitter. The night before the event, rumors started to spread that Stephen Curry would be making a special appearance to the SF Bay Area Pro Am. I had grown up going to the Pro Am every summer, but I had never witnessed anybody with his star power come to play. Back in the 90s, NBA legends like Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, and Tim Hardaway would make appearances. Since I started going in the mid-2000s, I had even seen my fair share of NBA players. The most well know being Jason Richardson, Leon Powe, Tyreke Evans, Matt Barnes, and Aaron Gordon. None of those guys are international superstars like those before my time though. I seriously had my doubts on whether he would actually show up.

We made sure to get there early as always (~30 minutes), but word had clearly spread. I made sure to grab a seat while my dad grabbed pizza from North Beach Pizza across the street. There's never enough of a crowd for us to not get our favorite courtside seats when we arrive this early. Today was the exception. We took the last two seats in the second row.

Steph wasn't in the stadium when we got there, but came early enough to get in a little warm up. It didn't take long for the crowd to fill up. Uncharacteristically, he showed off his vertical leap with a few rimgrazer dunks. It was just the beginning of the show.

He actually didn't live up to the hype to start. He must've missed his first six or seven shots. The crowd was growing weary and his opponents were growing confident. It only took one three from the a few feet behind the arc to get him going. Once he got started, he didn't stop. Any shot that didn't drop was met with a gasp from the crowd. Double teams, triple teams - the defense threw all they could at him. Hesitations, step backs, behind-the-back passes, and crossovers rendered the defense useless. He even threw down a one handing slam on a fast break! Steph pulled out his bag of tricks and the crowd was loving every minute of it.

At the height of it all, Steph received a pass on a fast break. Somehow, the opposing teams center ended up guarding him at the three point line with no help behind him. The big man was in no man's land. Curry quickly pulled off two crossovers before noticing the help arriving out of the corner of his right eye. Steph rocked the ball back one last time to set up his signature lightning quick pull up jumper. The center put his all into blocking that shot, but it was all for naught. As the shot left Curry's fingertips, the center failed to control his body and landed directly under Curry, causing him to fall. As the high arcing shot floated through the air, Steph fell to the ground, taking the center with him. As their bodies hit the floor, the net swished. The ref's whistle blew. The rare four point play had been unlocked. The stadium went bonkers and he cemented himself in the record books with one of the most legendary performances Kezar stadium had ever witnessed.