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What is it?

To properly wrap up my experiences from my time living in Sevilla, Spain, I created my latest project titled amidst. Naturally evolving from my previous series, The Traveler’s Memoir, I’ve focused on bringing a new level of photography, writing, and overall execution to amidst. The result is a 288-page project falling somewhere in between a magazine and photo book at 6” x 9”. The project covers 12 chapters of various topics and events that left a mark on me and stood out to my eye, with brief stories, background, and history weaved throughout.

Where can I find it?

As opposed to my previous two projects that were only available online, I’m hitting a 180 and exclusively printing and selling physical copies for a very limited time. Because social media and cell phones have made it so most of our pictures only exist in the digital world, I wanted to create something tangible for friends and family to appreciate without the need of electricity and the distraction of the internet. I will be making just a single order of these through my print shop after collecting orders this first week. Unfortunately, printing such a long book is pretty expensive, so the only way to keep it relatively affordable is to sell them at the cost they take to print. These will be available for $30 +shipping. If you would like to purchase a copy, please email me at by June 9, 2019.

Can I get a preview of amidst?

Click through the gallery below to see a few pages from amidst sevilla.