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If I could recommend one Thing to view on my website, it would be one of my books. I began The Traveler's Memoir As just an easy way to update my family on my travels. Naturally a photographer, I pushed my comfort by developing stories and recollections to go with each chapter. Now with two 240-page books completed, It's become the perfect way to compile all of my memories before they fade away.





Emotion is the most beautiful part of photography. My goal of every portrait session is to capture the most true emotion of the model that they have that day. it's not always easy, but as the comfort level rises, so does the quality of the shots.



Sports & Events


Life is fun and exciting. There's just something about the motion and commotion of the planned and unplanned that makes for great photography. The Special thing about this topic as opposed to the other facets is that this is the hardest to recreate. Literally capturing a moment in time with so many moving pieces is amazing to me.





Photography and Traveling. Two of my few passions. It was natural that the two came together to be as one. It also comes as no surprise that this is the section of my website with the most photos. The world is a large and varied place and I'm trying my best to get out and as much as possible while I'm still able.



Travel Tips


No photography here. Just all my tips collected from my travels to 18 countries and 12 US states.





Some moments are just better captured with video. The ability to create a Moving from a Literal collection Of photographs is amazing to me and I'm glad I am living in a time where this art form is easily accessible. while the editing time increases tenfold compared to editing photos, the end result is something that is completely my own and extremely difficult to mimic.